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  • Warhead - Hour Of Death
  • Warhead - Twelve Ones
Warhead - Twelve Ones (Free Download Bonus CD)

Twelve Ones (Free Download Bonus CD)

"Time To Pay" The first Warhead-Song ever!
Recorded at Soundfront-Studio/Giessen by Chris Schröter Oct. 1994.
Written by Björn Eilen and Peter Breitenbach in Oct. 1993.

The complete one and only Warhead-Demo 1995. Recorded at Crownhill-Studio Düsseldorf by Rudi Kronenberger Apr. 1995. All Songs written and arranged by Warhead.

5 Cover Versions paying homage to the following artists:

Caught In The Act - Lääz Rockit (Written by Coons/Jellum)

Daily News - The Exploited (Written by Buchan/Duncan)

Numbers - The Adicts (Written by The Adicts)

Europe - Killing Joke (Written by Jaz Coleman)

Killing An Arab - The Cure (Written by Tolhurst/Dempsey/Smith)